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Undo operations



How do I undo an operation when I made a mistake in Plant Simulation? Is this possible?


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Re: Undo operations

No, it's only possible to undo mistakes made while writing code in a method or cancel a change before applying it in a dialog. The recommendation is to enable auto saving of the model by starting Plant Simulation with -a XX where XX is the number of minutes between saves.

Re: Undo operations

Okay, thanks. How do I make settings for auto saving?

Accepted by topic author Malin
‎02-22-2017 04:56 AM

Re: Undo operations

If you have a shortcut to Plant Simulation, you go into the properties of it, and after the path in Target: you add -a 10 for ten minutes between saves.

The target path will look like this for a default installation of Plant Simulation 13.1:
"C:\Program Files\Siemens\Tecnomatix Plant Simulation 13.1\PlantSimulation13_1.exe" -a 10