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University Project


I made this project for a course in my college, but I'm with some problems, 


I don't understant why the output values of Experiment Manager don't vary. 

I'm also having some problems with assembly station "TABULEIROS" and the dismantle station "FILME". The tabuleiro.MU is made with 12 lata.MU. And then the tabuleiro.MU goes to the dismantle station who creates a new MU - shrink.MU who is made of 6latas.MU.


Can anybody help me?


Thanks a lot. 







Re: University Project

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Solution Partner Valued Contributor
For better undesrtanding.
You want the dismantle station to create 2 new container objects with 6 entities from a container with 12 entities after the assembly? If this is the case I'm sorry dismantle station does not do that. You should do it by method.

Now whe you have really small cycle times as in your case I would look for a way to apply a factor, so instead of having 0.6s I may apply a 100 factor and have a cycle time of 60s and I know each MU is = to 100MUs but my simulation model will run 100 times faster.

Your experiment manager is working properly, the conclusion I reach from running your model is both processes you are selecting to modify have no effect on the output of your process.
Try modifying "Gás" which looks like a real bottleneck instead.
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Re: University Project

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Your station Tampas1 has the exit locked. When you open that gate the simulation will produce parts and you will see some more meaningful results in your simulation results. But I do not understand your experiment . Do you really bring in the input parameter to your simulation model?

The proctime modification on a first view just is done for objects Atuadores and Tampas, but not to the production line below. Maybe you have to change your logic here