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Unusual Genetic Algorithms usage.


I have a weird case od using genethic algorithms and I do not know how to use it. Let me describe it: 

Factory produces items, that differ in production methods. There may be created from 3 kinds of materials and at each of them can be filled one layer of cover chosen from 4 cover available. In this section at one shift thera are being 1000 items produced including: w11, w12, w13, w14, w14, w21, w22, w23, w24 and w3 made on 2 machines that differ with capacity and processing time.

In  this section there are 2 machines in which the layers are being filled. Maszyna1 has a capacity of 104 items. Depending on the chosen working program it will process for about an hour and is fully automated. Maszyna2 consist of 3 chambers. Each chamber has a capacity of 80 items, that makes a total capacity of 240, 80 per one type of item. Processing time in firs chamber: 12min, in the last chamber it is 6min. The second chamber times are dependable on the item type:

  • w11 - 21 min,
  • w12 - 24 min.
  • w13 - 19 min,
  • w14 - 22 min,
  • w21 - 19 min,
  • w22 - 12,5 min,
  • w23 - 16 min,
  • w24 - 27 min

The total number of w3 type of items is ver low: 24 to 50 per day. Because of that, only one type of cover is being layered fot this type of items and it is being put in Maszyna1. 

The target for this section is to minimalise the processing time of all types of items. Altenate target of optimisation may be minimising machines working time (for all types of items).

How to use and configure the Genethic Algorithms in that case? 


Re: Unusual Genetic Algorithms usage.

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Solution Partner Creator

Hi Piotrek,

I do not see in your model w11 .. etc. I am guessing from your problem description that you want to change Production Plan? to reach the lowest possible simulation time?  To better describe task you can call me

+48 32 775 50 17

+48 500 184 923

Pozdrawiam Damian