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Updating Lenovo W520 graphics driver to work with ver 11 TR3


If you have a Lenovo W520 Notebook (or perhaps others that use the same graphics driver) you may want to avoid trying what I did in order to get ver 11 TR3's 3D graphics to display properly.


I first tried the "Update and Drivers" option from the "Lenovo Thinkvantage Tools" option in the Start Menu. A driver dated from 2013 and labeled "" was the only update listed. I downloaded it and during the install got a crash screeen. Rebooting resulted in the same crash screen.(so computer would not boot up). I had to use the Startup Restore option which fixed the problem.. but also uninstalled anything since the last restore data was saved.. including. you guess it... Plant Sim ver 11 TR3.


THen I tried saving the above update and trying to install it again (thinking that maybe something weird happened during the above). But I got the same crash screen result.


Finally, I went to NVIDIA's Website and downloaded the Quadro Release 340,84 driver (which includes the Quadro2000M graphics that is in my Lenovo. Thankfully, this did the trick and the 3D graphics in TR3 displays correctly (as stated in the release notes, the old driver didn't display 3D correctly).


I hope this posting may save someone's time and frustration out there. I'm tempted to find out why Lenovo's download crashed my computer but it was an older driver anyway (so it probably didn't have the necessary graphics updates anyway) and my computer is working so I'm resisting the urge to hack around or make inquiries.