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Urgent help in programming needed, Please help!



Hello Experts,

I need an urgent help to sort out my simulation for a project work. I am very new into this. My knowledge in programming is vert limited. I only know the logic but unable to write it in my code.

I am using V12 (German version).

Starting from left to right:

My source (quelle) produces A1, A2 and A3 (10 parts each) with different processing times. I have used a loading station (named Gabelstapler - Forklift) to load my parts to the Transporter. Here I need two codes,

  • Change my Transporter capacity depending on the part name.
  • Change my loading time at loading station depending on the part name.

I want my Transporter to carry only A1 parts or A2 parts during one run. Suppose I am producing 10 parts and the capacity of transporter is 9, 1st round it should carry 9 and in the next round the left 1 part and proceed to unloading station.

Gabelstapler 2 is my unloading station and I have used a sorting code to send it to respective buffers A1, A2 and A3. It is the assembled to produce part A which is loaded and sent to the next station. Here I need a code to limit my loading,

  • This code should be based on my daily demand. I need to send only 6 parts per day of the 10 parts produced and the rest is stored in the buffer 2. How to I program this for day basis?
  • As I am producing 10 parts each, I also need to write a code to initiate production at my source depending on the amount of parts left in buffers A1, A2 and A3. When the buffer count reduces below 4 I want my source to initiate the production again.
  • As you all see here, my assembly station is idle till it receives all 3 parts in it respective buffers. Is it possible to have few parts to kick of the production?

I need codes for these things which I am unable to write. Any help is really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Warm Regards,



Re: Urgent help in programming needed, Please help!

Hello everyone,


I tried to load my transporter dynamically using a method but I am getting an error here (attached image). Please help.