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Using Sorter to reduce Setup times




I have created a model where parts are to be sorted based on the setup of the machine using User-defined attribute as attached. There are two types of parts, Shaft1 and Shaft2 which have further variants namely 1A, 1B, 1C, 2X, 2Y, 2Z.

The machine setup depends on whether it is type 1 or 2.


However, the sorter is not doing its intended job. It releases parts of the other type than the machine setup.

Can someone tell me where I am doing it wrong?





Re: Using Sorter to reduce Setup times

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Hi Sanchay,


you have not defined a setup time for the singleproc1. Therefore the singleproc is never doing setup and the sorter cannot do its job


Kind regards


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Re: Using Sorter to reduce Setup times


Hi Karola!


Thank you so much. I didn't realise that.Next time I should atleast put a setup time of 1 second. 

Now that the sorter is doing it's job, I found that it will not be enough to do what I want.


After some time, after a few blue parts are released, the sorter again starts releasing green parts because the singleProc is still setup for green. However to reduce setup times, the ideal condition would be to continue releasing blue parts if one blue part is released until there are no more blue parts in the sorter buffer.


Should I use a flow control in place of a sorter with 'most recently used'? Or can it be done by adding something to the current sorter configuration?


Thanks again!


Re: Using Sorter to reduce Setup times


I found the solution with the Sorter after defining criterion dependent on the two SingleProcs instead of one.

-> real
-- @
var score: real := 0

if @.Digit = SingleProc.issetupFor
	score += 50
if @.Digit = SingleProc1.issetupFor
	score +=60

result := score