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COMPONENTS VIRTUAL MANUFACTURING USING PLANT SIMULATION SOFTWARE, PRESENTING STOP CONDITIONS SIMULATION AND MACHINE FAILLURES USING SIMTALK PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE Marco Antonio Asselta Germano, marcoasseltag@gmail.com1 Jorge Antonio Giles Ferrer, jorge.ferrer@sp.senai.br1 1 Faculdade SENAI de Tecnologia Mecatrônica - Rua Niteroi, 180 – Centro – 09510-200 – São Caetano do Sul - SP Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to discuss the simulation of manufacturing process of some componentes that are part of a giraffe crame using the Plant Simulation software.Manufacturing process consists of machining and assembling pieces into manufacturing cells, composed of a CNC machining and a machining center. The implementation of event-driven programming language with SimTalk allowed us to simulate several stop conditions that usually happens on each machining process, such as: stops for tool wear evaluation, stops for tool changing and random simulated failures based on the machine operation history. In order to simulate these conditions it is necessary to evaluate some indexes, such as the availability index, effectiveness index and quality index, largely used on every manufacturing process. Those indexes, in turn, allow us to evaluate the Overall Equipment Effectiveness - OEE. They are analysed and put into tables inside the Plant Simulation software. The machining time of different pieces is analysed using a CNC simulation software and also put into the Plant Simulation. This way we obtained manufacturing processes simulations and production statistical data closer to real values. Through simulations it was possible to analyze the influence of all losses of a production process on manufacturing time and the time percentage that the machine is in operation. The results show that this virtual tool is a very reliable resource to predict and anticipate the outcome of not programmed events. Thus, it is possible to minimize the impact of these events on the production, by adjusting other parameters which also influence the whole process. Keywords: Virtual Manufacturing, PLM software, Plant Simulation, SimTalk language, Machine's failure.