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VSM modelling in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation




I'm starting to simulate a production process using the VSM library of Plant Simulation.


Before starting with the complete process I created a test model to check.


When I start the simultaion I get the message "Division by Zero" in .Modelle.NetzwerkPPS.caclculateCycletime.

I tried to find the responsiple method rsp. the attribute -without success. I'lll attach the model


Could you help me in this ?


Thanks a lot



Betreff: VSM modelling in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello hst,


in Prozess_2, Part PP_2, the quantity for sub part P_2 is zero. This causes the error.


Some remarks to your model:

1. Why do you use an assembly process for Prozess_2? You only have one sub part to assemble and this can be done by a normal process object.

2. Supermarket Kleinteile and Supplier Schraubenlieferant are controlled by the PPS and by a Kanban object. This does not make sense. If you control an object by Kanban control, you can not control it by the PPS.

3. Your are using Plant Simulation 13.0. This version of Plant Simulation is no longer supported. We recommend to use Plant Simulation 14 or higher for new projects.

4. The version of the VSM library you are using is 13.0.1. The current version of the library is 13.0.17. You should update your library.


Hope this helps.


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