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VSM modelling in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

Hi everyone!


It's my first blog out here. I've tried to solve one issue of mine, related with simulation modelling of VSM  in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation. I keep getting model inconsistencies page error. On the start there were like 20 errors, but I narrow them to 4 Smiley Happy.


I've attached the model in a zip file. The message I get is on the end of this blog. I now it's related with modelling the "product" and the "base product" in the process objects. Problematic for me, is that It occurs only on 4 specific process objects. The rest are fine, and they are modelled with the same logic (please see attached .zip model)


The model contains inconsistencies. A simulation cannot be started.

The product X of process XY cannot be found at any succeeding object.
The base product 'X' in station 'XZ' is not defined in any of the preceeding objects.

I'm open for chat and discussion.





Re: VSM modelling in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Enter the product Carrier_Tube_Mill in the inventory AfterMill_outer and the simulation works!

Re: VSM modelling in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

Thanks Ralph, the simulation works! 


Great job and once again thank you for your time looking over my model.