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VSM throughput time - value steam mapping




I have a serious problem, I'm looking for a way to get the throuput time for value stream mapping.


The FlowGrade is a good idea to calculate this essential key performance indicator, but I have two problems:

1) few bugs, like the transportation time in FIFO isn't calculated as such.

2) the number is calculated (for example waiting time = stock*cycle time of the next process) but this assumes that the following process is never paused, in repair or occupated with other orders. So it doesn't represent the dynamical effects and this is usually the information you build a simulation for.


Is there another way to get the "real" throughput time?

If I got it right, "BE-Pfad.StatMittDurchlaufzeit" doesn't help me because there are more BEs with the same material number and they get genereated and deleted between the processes, so I can't track one single BE.


Am I wrong? or is there another way to get the throughput time?


Hope someone will be patient enough to help me

thanks in advance