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Value Stream Mapping how the Supplier works


My question is about the Supplier object of the VSM Library.

When you input the product parameters, I am not sure what these input values are actually doing.

Do I have to input all values (Quantity and the Cyclic).

Or can I leave the Cyclic data fields empty if i do not have a consistend delivery of goods.

What does the data field "quantity" or packaging volume mean?

What is the difference between the register "Cyclic delivery" and the cyclic field in the "product" register?


Sorry for asking such elementary problems, but unfortunately the PlantSim Help is very short on information about how the objects work exactly.


Thank you for you answers.


Regards Martin


Betreff: Value Stream Mapping how the Supplier works

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The Supplier object has two different functionalities:

1) receive the disposition oders from ProductionControl

2) deliver products in a cyclic way

In case the supplier is connected with the ProductionControl, the settings on tab Product are relevant. Lets assume, the PC is ordering 15 parts of Product A and the Supplier has the setting Product A, Packaging size 10, Restocking Time 5min. Then the Supplier will deliver 10 parts of Product A after 5 minutes and again 10 parts of product A after further 5 minutes.

Some of the settings on Tab Product are also valid for Tab Cyclic Delivery of Products, as for example the Packaging size.

Let's assume we activated the cyclic delivery and we have the following setting: Product A, Packaging Size 10, Quantity 25, Cycle Time: one day.

With these settings, every day 30 Parts of product A are delivered.

In both examples the parts are delivered in container, 10 parts per container (Packaging Size)


Hope this will answer your questeions.






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