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Version conflict with OPC




at the moment i try to connect PlantSim and an OPC server for testing. For this purpose i use the build in OPCInterface, but i don't get a connection. (CoCreateInstance: Class not registered error)

According to the help it is only possible to connect them when they have both 32 or 64bit.

I guess the problem is, i have access to PlantSim v12 64bit and v13. All the servers i have tested are 32bit.


So with the v13 it's not possible anymore to connect to a 32bit server, cause it is only delivered in 64bit?

Is there a workaround for this problem?


Or is there a (free) 64bit OPC Server alternative, where the connection works?


Thanks and Greetings,


Re: Version conflict with OPC

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You should be able to connect to a 32-bit OPC server, if it is an OPC classic server (OLE for Process Control) and not an OPC UA server (Unified Architecture). OPC UA is not yet supported. It will be supported in Plant Simulation 13.1.

Did you install the OPC Core Components for 64-bit? You can find the installation package "OPC Core Components Redistributable (x64).msi" in the folder "OPC Data Access 3.00 Core Components" in the downloadable zip file that contains the setup for Plant Simulation.

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Re: Version conflict with OPC




the Core Components were missing. I haven't looked into the zip file, so i haven't seen them. Thanks a lot!