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Wait in method does it consume ProcTime?


Does wait(10) comand in a method comsume 10 seconds of proctime for the singelproc where the method is used?  


Re: Wait in method does it consume ProcTime?

Hi Jfinnberg,


Could you explain where you use your method to control your singleproc? Generally the wait, just halt the method itself. This would mean that all the commands above the "wait" will be executed and valid in the model during the time set in the "wait" command.


Hope this makes sense!



Re: Wait in method does it consume ProcTime?

On Entrance in tab Controls. I have a container that contains two diffrents types of entitys. One is a part and the other is a dummy part. The dummy I move to a drain and the part I move tho a buffert. Now in the loop I have put wait(1) too make shure that the drain is redy to accept next dummy. But the time that all this shuld take is a total of 30 sec. The container only contains 10 entitys. Now it looks like the sim time runs 1 sec and stop and next step in the method can be execute.  

Re: Wait in method does it consume ProcTime?

Can you replace the SingleProc with a DismantleStation?


You can set it such that the dummy must go out first (which in turn depends on the receptiveness of the Drain). I guess this is what you actually want to achieve.

Gert Nomden
Senior Consultant | Tecnomatix Product Manager

Re: Wait in method does it consume ProcTime?

I'm not sure I understand. is it before or after the Single Proc you want to separate the Parts from the dummies? Could you send an example model over your problem? 


If you have have problems routing MUs to downstream blocks due to the blocks availability (if it is blocked or so) you could use buffers (with enough capacity) just to create a ques to downstream processes. This way you will have a good visability over what is happening and what process time that your Single Procs account for.