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Waituntil related PC performance (Graphics ?)


Hi all,


I like to clarify if the 'waituntil' shall be used or not in my case.

I have model with tools to enter machines located on a shop floor.

Each tool has a list machine which are compatible.

If all machines are occupied, I setup the 'waituntil' code line (found in a discussion) and run it with the 'execute' command.

This way of control can be made differently. 

Each machine, getting available when the actual tool is removed, can trigger a control code, e.g. setting  a Boolean variable which is linked to an observer which set the MU destination and 'move' it.

I have already used this kind of control on another model.


The question is if the 'waituntil' statement is 'bad' for the performance of the simulation, .. PC, .. graphics ?

As I could not find an answer in the existing discusssions, I like to rise this general question.


Kind regards




Re: Waituntil related PC performance (Graphics ?)

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor
Hi! I don't see how the graphics would be affected by the 'waituntil' command, as it means that the affected entities doesn't move (they are just static and waiting, as the name implies). However, the general performance can still be affected, since you have X number of "extra" methods that runs in the background of your model. As far as I know, the 'waituntil' statement forces the method to regularly (I don't know how often though) check the value of the observed variable.

if you have 5 tools in a waiting on machines, that means that you have 5 methods that regularly checks boolean values for any changes. These 5 methods of course "drain" processing power form the rest of the program.

Re: Waituntil related PC performance (Graphics ?)


Yes, the status of boolean variables has to be checked on regular base by PlantSim.

It's quite nice to create the waituntil command 'phrase' and 'execute' it. Finally assign the destination to the MU and move it, means the broker send the worker to catch it and drop at its destination.


I have received a new station for my simulation work. I was experiencing slow response with my previous station, specially related to graphics.

That's why I opened a few discussions.






Re: Waituntil related PC performance (Graphics ?)

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor
I agree that waituntil is a very useful command, but I personally think that it should be used sparingly. The risk of data-bloat is something that should be minimized, and in large models you often need all the processing power you can get for the "actual" simulation.

You can always use the profiler in the model mentioned earlier to assess how much time is spent "waiting" and then decide weather you have power to spare for the rest of the simulation