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Worker - Availability/Failure


Hi dear community members,


In my current model I have three workers for each shift. I would like to consider holidays, overtime and sick days and such. I model this behaviour with the workers availability settings. However, the availability portions aren't shown in the worker diagram correctly and I can't figure out why. In another model it worked and showed the correct % of utilization/failure portions. 


Current model

It starts with this:




And the worker diagram ends like this:




Just in case I missed something, here are some other settings which might be relevant:






The utilization of my other model looks like this:



Can someone help me figuring this out?


Thanks in advance!





Re: Worker - Availability/Failure


I've deleted all (imho relevant objects, shift calendar, broker, pool, worker) and created them again. However, the problem stays the same. The utilization is just fine within the first week or so (six months of simulation in total) and then keeps changing rapidly. 


Within the first week

auslastung_1.pngAfter 5 weeks


auslastung_2.pngEnd of simulation 



Anyone an idea how to solve this issue? The simulation actually focuses on worker evaluation but this is just leading nowhere. 


Thank you in advance



Re: Worker - Availability/Failure


Hi again,


the above mentioned problem is still there and I just can't figure it out, a very desperate situation.


At first I thought it might be the worker diagram so I changed its library to vers.12, but no changes.


Furthermore, I think the problem is in the assigned availabilty %  / failures of the workers.


With deactivated failures the worker diagram looks like this:


worker_ohne.pngWorker diagram without activated failures (availability in %)

cnc1_ohne.pngI worker stats (inside the pool) without activated failurescnc2_ohne.pngII worker stats (inside the pool) without activated failurescnc3_ohne.pngIII worker stats (inside the pool) without activated failures

If I re-run the simulation, but change the availability of the workers to 70% (or just 95%) the result looks like this:

worker_mit.pngWorker utilization with activated failure (availabiltiy 70%)

cnc1_mit.pngI Worker stats (inside pool) with activated decreased availabilitycnc2_mit.pngII Worker stats (inside pool) with activated decreased availabilitycnc3_mit.pngIII Worker stats (inside pool) with activated decreased availability

The weird thing is, that I'll have the same machine utilization, same output, the same amount of processed MUs by the workers. So the statistics can't be right IMHO. The last figures show less than 1% of actual working. Who is actually performing the work then?


Any help, suggestions or ideas are very welcome. I don't know what to adjust or change at the moment in order to receive the right worker utilization with a decreased availability...


Thanks a lot in advance!

Re: Worker - Availability/Failure

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Jan_B,


your workers are waiting the most time. Is it possible that after 5 weeks the resources, work stations are no longer available, failed or paused?

But without the model nobody can help you. Please post your model.


Kind regards,


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Re: Worker - Availability/Failure


Hi, I've updated to another PS version without any major changes.

It works flawlessly now. Seems to be a bug.