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Worker Obstacle - Collision Boundary


Hi all,


static objects as SingleProc have a obstacle boundary to prevent worker to cross.

I could not find similar for workers, so they move 'through' each other.

I use the workers with AGV type graphics, so it would be nice if they would could pass side by side as the cross each other.







Re: Worker Obstacle - Collision Boundary

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Marco,


workers don´t have an obstacle area around them. In case that it is critical for your AGVs not to cross each other a better way to model them might be to use transporters driving on tracks. This way you can implement controls that prevent your AGVs from crashing into each other.

Kind regards,

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Re: Worker Obstacle - Collision Boundary


Hi Igor,


sorry to reply on this again.

I recently showed a model in my company and the visiting people (management, politicians, press, etc...) asked why SGVs collide with workers (.. move through).

In this factory model the worker need to be free to move in the possible area (limited by barred areas objects in 3D). Transporters on rails are not acceptable as not reflecting the real world.


I suggest to program this into PlantSim as real good option for the 3D shows, ... but also 2D.



Kind regards