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Worker assignment in Polling Queue


First of all, as I am not good at using plant simulation, I need expert's coments.


I have a term-PJT in my class as to perform "Traffic Light System" with plant simulation at lower level.


To minimize my PJT, I made and use only 1 dimension with single process, supposing that every dimension has same porcess, but still needed to be performed at the same cycle time.


Here's my condition,


 1. Overall Queuing model with single process model

    - Source in : Possion rate arrival

    - Buffer : Infinite

    - Processing Time : 2sec

 2. Worker (Using the worker as a traffic light)

    - Worker should be assigned at the process once in one cycle time(1 cycle has 4 process)

    - each worker should stay in the prcess 70sec.


I heard that this is a "Polling System".


Please give me the tip. how to solve the problem. Or let me know simular system to solve my problem.


Great honors,








Re: Worker assignment in Polling Queue

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
  1. Sorry, but I don't understand the intention of your model.
  2. Your worker is not requested, because no importer has been activated yet.
  3. XXX.png




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