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Worker carry multiples MUs.

In the plant Simulation have a example model = RoutingbyWorker. At this model I found the way to do the worker to carry multiples MUs. But at that model exists one source only. If I have two sources and an assembly and only after a singleproc and I can´t to assign two tables at the source. How can I to associate multiples MUs to the Workes carry?


Betreff: Worker carry multiples MUs.

Hello Fazani,


just define the capacity of the worker to the number of parts the worker should carry.

Define a target for every MU the worker carries. This makes the worker walking from one target to the next target.


Hope this will help.






Betreff: Worker carry multiples MUs.

Thanks a lot for your response.


This is possible if you work a single MU. 

In my case I have two sources and an assembly before. 

First source I work with the plate MU with 6 place.

Second source I work with single baterry MU.

After that I have an assembly object.

After the assembly I have a new MU, one plate with 6 baterries. This is my new MU.

How do I the worker carry multiple MUs? ( 8 plates MUs with 6 baterries each plate)