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Worker utilization chart


Hello everyone,


I wanted to ask if (and how) it is possible to display user-defined utilization of workers using WorkerChart.

By "user-defined" I mean instead of standard activities such as "Setting-up", "Working" etc. I use my own statuses. I have already a mechanism which writes start and end time points of each status into a table which then I can display in a chart.

Yet, having the option to use standard element WorkerChart (with some adjustments probably) I would like to know wether it is possible to e.g. adjust somehow the content of the table "myStatisticsTable" to get a Bar Chart for individual workres (workind in different shifts) which do project specific activities such as "Inspection", "Checking", "GoingForTrolley" etc.

In my modell, each worker has an attribute "Status" which changes its value in time (Inspection, Checking...) while the duration of the last perion with each particular value is saved into a table.... Now, insteat of rel. complicated calculation of the nett-duration for each of these statuses I would like to use WorkerChart.


Thank you very much!
Best regards,



Re: Worker utilization chart


Hi @JiriHloska 


I guess you will need/will be easiear to create your own chart. There is a tool in Plant Simulation that would help you.


If you create a user-defined attribute of type string, you can activate its statistics. This way, you will have your statistic table without any special method. Next, you put the information of this table inside your chart with the method getStatisticsTable.





Best Regards,
Paulo Araujo

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Re: Worker utilization chart

Hello Paulo,

wonderful. Unfortunately I am using an older version of Plant Simulation where it si not possible to activate statistics of a user-defined attribute.
My workaround is that I instantiate a variable for every instance of the worker and I change its value every time the value of the respective user-defined attribute of the worker is changed. Not very nice solution as I easily get to many instances of variables (each one for every single worker in my simulation). Yet, one more reason to jump to a newer version of Plant Simulation!

Best regards.