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Workerpool 3D error




I am experiencing a problem with workers and a workerpool.

There are multiple workerpools in my model. The workers move freely within an area, I don't use footpaths.

At some point during the simulation, one of the workerpool gives back an error:

"The workers move freely within an area. Therefore the workerpool has to be avaible in 3D. Do you want to stop the simulation?".

However, the workerpool is created in 3D, as is the entire model.

That's what the workerpool looks like at the time of error:











Would appreciate your help, thank you!




Re: Workerpool 3D error

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



as you have posted the picture in 2D, could you check one in your model settings, whether the 3D option is still active? This can be done under "File" by clicking on "Model Settings". Here you should see on the first tab in the field "Visualization", whether that option is activated in your model. I would recommend you to keep both 2D and 3D activated in the case that you are using workers that are moving freely in the frame.

Kind regards,

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