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Workplace/Woker not visible in 3D


Hello everybody,


first of all, I am not allowed to post the model.

Only in this model is the problem, previous models with different data working as intended.

The Problem is:

-in 2D workplace and worker are shown correctly and moving along the footpaths

-in 3D nothing visible beside the footpaths


Maybe you have any ideas what I did wrong in this model?


2D.pngmodel in 2D3D.pngmodel in 3D

The connector in 3D shows that there is a workpalce, but there is nothing visible and I can't click the workplace in 3D, but in 2D it is possible....


Thanks for your time and help!


Re: Workplace/Woker not visible in 3D

Your screenshots do not reflect what you are posting

The 2d does not show any Operator (worker).

If it is a matter of not displaying the workplace in 3d.

- Could be it is hidden in 3d -> try to switch it back on

Or you can delete the workplace in 2d and reinsert a (new) workplace to see if

it is displayed again in 3d.

W/o the model or even specific parts of the model, finding the reason

can turn out to a time consuming digging.