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Workplace assignment


Hello all,

I have an assembly line, which consists of 39 work stations. There is a drop down menu to choose the number of the workers. I want to change the number of the workers and determine the minimum number of the worker for the line.The workers carry the parts for the main part, but don't assembly.


However, the problem is the work place assignment.

For example, the first work station has 2 different work places.

What I want to do is that, only one worker has to work in a work station.


I added a picture with one work station. Workplace 1: The worker carries the part(container with parts) to the line. Workplace 2: The worker carries the empty container.

Is there a way to do it?


Thanks in advance,



Re: Workplace assignment

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Beril,
Your problem is not clear to me.
If only one worker has to work in a work station then you can choose services for the importers for each work station. Then not everyone can work in any work station. In this way, you can assign the workers to certain workplaces. The determination of the number of workers is more complex.
I did not find Workplace 1 and Workplace 2 in on picture.
I recommend to prepare a model file for a single workstation.

Re: Workplace assignment


Hello Peter,


Thank you for your answer. I drew a new picture to explain the problem, I hope it is clear now.

A main part is assembled at each work station. The workers are not responsible for the assembly.

He carries only containers with parts from work place 1(AF030_WP1) to a buffer(AF030_Entnahme_VG). He gets the order from a buffer(AF030_VG).

When the container is empty, he carries the empty container from work place 2(AF030_WP_LG_1)to  a buffer (AF030_LG). He gets the order from a buffer(AF030_Entnahme_LG).

Actually, there are 4 work places. However, there are 2 work places that he gets the orders, as I have written 2 work places.

In this example, there is only one assembly station(AF030). The worker does the logistical operations. Because of that, there are many work places. Can a worker only work in these 4 workplaces?


The problem is that, two workers can not work at one work station. In order to solve this problem, I did a list for work stations(please see in the attachment). With this List, I can assign one worker to one work station or one worker to 5 work stations.

When I change the number of workers, I need to change this list again. I need to try all possibilities to find the number of workers.                                                                                                                                                      There is a drop down menu for the number of the workers in the simulation. I want to choose for example 5, 4 workers and look at the output. When the output remains same, I can determine the number of the workers. For this purpose, I want to write a method/or do something that says: For example, only one worker can work at 4 work places, work station AF030.


Regards, Beril




Re: Workplace assignment


I forgot to add the other picture. Here you go.