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Zwei Modelle verknüpfen


Hallo liebe Community,


weiß jemand, wie man zwei Modelle miteinander verknüpft?


Ich habe zwar die Netzwerke miteinander verknüpfen können, doch gehen alle Maschinen des neu geladenen Modells in Störung und bleiben auch bei dem Zustand. Die Modell- bzw. Netzwerknamen habe ich bereits aktualisiert.


Lieben Dank



Re: Zwei Modelle verknüpfen

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
Hard to say without a model. Anyway:
1. Save both spp.
2. Run and stop the source spp after each class of a MU that will be utilized during your simulation has been instantiated at least once. (This way you make sure to include each MU class, otherwise you would just get an error message from the target spp because of a missing object)
3. Rightclick the frame in the class library and select Save object as... --> YourObj.obj
4. Open the target spp
5. Rightclick the basis or any folder in the class library and select Save/Load / Load Object --> YourObj.obj
6. Select your best fitting answer in the upcoming dialog(s)
7. Reset the imported frame .
8. Instantiate and connect the frame according to your needs.
(usually) done!

The behavior you described does (according to my not existing knowledge about your model) not result from the export/import ... no chance to give any more guidance under such circumstances.


Always consider using the AttributeExplorer!