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changing a stand images of stores


Hello Cummunity

I am currently building a factory modle which has mutiply stores in the layout.

I have configured the store in the 2d to have all the information that i need for high, width and length of these stores but when i open the 3D view i do not see the store only the basic block.

My question is, is there a way that i can show the store as it would look on site interms of the spaces to store the items and also the cart that transports the MU to the storage spaces?


I have done this once before but i have completely forgoten how this was done.


Thank you all inadvance.



Re: changing a stand images of stores

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

At least for the store itself, I might be able to help:


You can change the graphic of the store and adjust its locations (my description assumes that you are working on version 12 or above):


  1. Open the store class (or if you need different visualizations for each instance, open the specific instances instead) in 3D. You can do that with the context menu command "Open in 3D" in the class library (or the context menu command "Open in new 3D window" in the 3D view when you have an instance selected).
  2. Select the whole graphic (e.g. with Ctrl+A) and delete it.
  3. Go to the "Shapes" section in the 3D Edit ribbon.
  4. Scroll down to the "Rack" and select it.
  5. Here you can specify the parameters of your storage rack. Use your capacity to dimension your rack and remember the parameters you entered here.
  6. Insert the rack at the desired position in the store. For me, inserting it with the bottom left corner at the grid origin worked fine.
  7. Now deselect the rack and open the 3D properties dialog for the store.
  8. Go to the tab "MU Animation" and visualize a path whose name starts with "#". That way, you will later immediately get your new locations visualized.
  9. Click on the button "Create Locations".
  10. Select a mapping from x/y to x/z in the selection at the top.
  11. Enter your capacity again as the number of locations for x and z.
  12. Specify your bounding box so that the locations are distributed. and press OK.
  13. The generated locations are visualized. The tip of the markers shows where the MUs will be shown.
  14. If the locations don't fit, enter the locations dialog again until they fit.


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Re: changing a stand images of stores


Hello Peter

Thank you for this.

I am using version 12.

I was looking for how to show the standard 3D image like the Lines when that is moved in to 3D it produces a convyour system and i was led to belive that this could be done for the Store as well, i have seen somthing where the store has two rows of storage either sides of the shuttle car that moves the items back a forth to the storage locations.


Thank you for you help in this