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container and MUs

Good morning,


i'm a newbie and i've two simple questions but i can't find answers on the forum or internet;

First one: i've to model the assembly of an article composed by 3 parts; i've found the main MUs has to be a container big enough to contain the other parts.

But the container is not an entity and container should be used to move articles between the line; the should represent pallet or boxes for example.

so how can i model my assembled article? the main part as a container and the other two as entity or the main part and the other two assembled on a pellet?

Second one: my source is raw material than it will be milled and i'll have two different things: the raw article and the waste material.

How can i split the MU of raw material entering from the source in two MUs (raw article and waste material)?

Thanks a lot,





Re: container and MUs

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

first: the container can be both: pallet and main part (just duplicate it in the class library, rename it, change the icon, change attributes...).


To create the waste, you can use the DismantleStation --> mode create MUs (see help)



Steffen Bangsow
freelance simulation specialist