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createFailure in Plant Simulation 12.1




Just wanted your opinion on this behaviour I encountered while using the new method createFailure. This example is not something that is possible to run, but I found the behaviour to be strange.


I tried using this piece of code:


SingleProc.Failures.createFailure("Number", 100, 50)

var avb : integer := 100
SingleProc.Failures.createFailure("IntegerAvb", avb, 50)


This creates two failures with the availability of "-1.#IND". The help says that I should be able to use either real or integer values to set availabilty. Meaning that an integer value of 100 should set the availability to 100% I guess?


Trying to manually set the failure works as intended, availability is set to 100% and the mttr is corrected to be 0 as expected.


Re: createFailure in Plant Simulation 12.1




It doesn't seem possible to specify a subtable when setting failure setting duration to cEmp?


Tried similar to this with the subtable formatted as Table[time, time, real]:


SingleProc.Failures.createFailure("TestTable", "cEmp, .Models.Frame.TestTable[1,1]")

This gets me the error: "The empirical distribution expects a table as argument."



Re: createFailure in Plant Simulation 12.1

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Currently, if you want to set the availability to 100%, you must set the MTTR to zero:

SingleProc.Failures.createFailure("Name1", 100, 0)


We will fix this, so that setting an availability to 100% will always work in the future.


You are right about the sub-tables. For empirical distributions it is not possible to refer to sub-tables.

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Re: createFailure in Plant Simulation 12.1

Thank you!