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define sequence in source



I want to model a plant in which the source should produce 2 no.s of variant a and then 1 no. of variant b.

In class library I have defined the 2 MU's as variant a and variant b.


Further 2 cases can arise

1)when no.s of the 2 variants are not limited and keep on producing in ratio 2:1

2) when no.s are limited like 1200 cars of variant a and 600 cars of variants b


Please inform how to go about it


Accepted by topic author aagosh
‎12-28-2016 01:22 PM

Re: define sequence in source

Hello Aagosh,


please find the model attached

Thanks & Best Regards,
Abhilash Sridhar
Mercedes Benz R&D India, Daimler AG

Re: define sequence in source

Thanks a lot Abhilash......Accepted as solution! It was easy i should have done it