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dismantle station


I am using a dismantle station to break 1 plate into 4 plates,but i want to keep the name of the plate same as the original plate.for example if there is 25 plates with name A then i want to get 100 plates with same name after the dismantle station.What could be the possible way to do that??



Re: dismantle station

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If you use Create MUs, then the new MUs will get the name from the relevant class. Without a DismantleTable it is the class of the entering MU, with this table it is according to the classes in the table.


When it is not possible to solve it with these standard features, you can write an entrance and exit control that renames the MUs. In the entrance control you write the current MU name (e.g. "A") to a user-defined attribute (e.g. "CurrentMuName"), so ?.CurrentMuName:=@.Name and rename all MUs in an exit control: @.Name:=?.CurrentMuName



Gert Nomden
Senior Consultant | Tecnomatix Product Manager