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experiment manager output table file


Hi everyone,


I am currently running a model which I need to run several different input parameters. However, changing these manually is a lot of work so I am using the experiment manager to change the input parameters. This works fine. 


Now I want to output a tablefile for each observation. This tablefile is 1000 lines x 3 columns. However, if I specificy this tablefile as output value, I cannot find it anywhere once the simulation is complete. Does anyone know how to output this tablefile for each observation?


The table file looks like this:

arrival_time       identifier_depart     depart_time
0.0000                     1                           143:09:44:17.3485






These values (1000x3) I copy into a excel file which calculates all relevant information I like to know. Is it possible to output a tablefile for every observation or should I output it to a excel or csv file?


I hope someone can help Smiley Happy


Kind regards,



PS. In another post a referral is made to an example, but also in this example I cannot find the actual tablefile that should be the output of the simulation?



Re: experiment manager output table file

In that thread you mention at the end, @Peter points to the small example models.

There you can find a model, that includes a result table to the results of the experiment manager.

Check out Small examples -> Tools -> Experimentmanager -> Overview -> Table "Evaluation"