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expert estimation needed: How intuitive is it?




I am thinking about applying for a bachelors-project where the task is to use plant simulation to map the processes in a foundry. Since I have no clue about Plant Simulation and programming languages I wanted to ask for a quick estimation. Is it possible to get a proper result with only ~ 5-6 month time and how far can you get in plant simulation without using programming?







Re: expert estimation needed: How intuitive is it?

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Hi Johannes,

5-6 month is usually enough to reach a sufficient level in a simulation project - including the paperwork for the university. But: you will not get around programming! A foundry is not a standard material flow environment that can be modelled without the special logic they use. Anyway, this should not keep you from starting the task. If possible, try to get a standard training which is 5 days. It includes the script programming that you will need. It is no black magic, but very intuitive even for non-programmers. And you will find, that you will get a lot of help here in the forum if you have how-to-questions.

Most important is that you will get sufficient support at the foundry site concerning data and processes. You will need a competent and available person in charge for your project.

So, I hope to find your name here in context with this bachelor project.

Good luck!


Re: expert estimation needed: How intuitive is it?

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For reference I did my master thesis (6 months) using Plant Simulation with no prior knowledge of the software whatsoever, so I am basically self taught since an introductory course was not an option. I had some programming experience since before, but nothing professional or tied to object oriented concepts (only C / Assembler).

I found the program very intuitive from the start, so I don't think you should have any problem. There is other software on the market where you build simulation models from scratch using nothing but programming, so Plant Simulation is definitely very user friendly in my opinion. After all I am today working professionally in Plant Simulation so it couldn't have been that bad after all Smiley Happy

I agree on the fact that you should definitely have a competent supervisor for your project, and that you won't get far without some programming unless you have a very simple production process. Remember to not overcomplicate processes or make them too detailed - set proper delimitations to your model in relation to acceptable accuracy/results.