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full screen activation with the autoexecute-method


I need a solution for the following problem:

When starting my model-file the auto execute method runs. With the 'startExtProc' command an .exe-application should be started, which sends the shortcut *strg+alt+enter* to Plant Simulation, so the model-window pops up to full screen. Does anyone have an idea of the needed source text for the .exe program?


Betreff: full screen activation with the autoexecute-method

Wouldn't it be easier to change your Plant-Simulation-Shortcut to open up "maximised"?


I think it might become quite cumbersome to do this with a "simple" batchfile (I guess by starting a batchfile you'd lose focus and would send the keys to the batchfile itself...) However, have a look at sendkeys.bat (I haven't used it myself, though!):


Alex Dilg, Consultant at SimPlan AG (
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Betreff: full screen activation with the autoexecute-method


Hi Alex,


with the solution "starting Plant Simulation maximized" you do not activate the 'full-screen-mode' in Plant Simulation. For the other users of my model-file i need to be sure, that they do not have the full Plant Simulation interface visible, but only the model-file in full-screen controlled by a dialogue. I tried to do it with the sendkeys-control in Visual Basic, but as you said, the Focus got lost to the .exe file. There is another command AppActivate, but it did not work the proper way.

The best solution would be to start the .bat/.exe File, which recognizes, which Programm/Window/Process called itself and then send the keys strg+alt+enter to this programm/window/process by sendkeys-command.


Although, thank you for your help!