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help!!! Real Time simulation system

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

hello everyone,now I have a urgent probem.  Real Time simulation system. In our normal model  when  we start a model the "mu" is create by source ,and then the mu will  transfer next Material Flow Objects.   but in Real Time simulation system when we start the model  the plant will get the data  from MES system ,and the model will be inited according the actual factory data.for  example there are   three product is waiting process(we get this from MES)in station "OP01" ,then we need  create three mu in station "OP01" ,and so on .we need  get how mang product in each station when  we start the model,  then  create the number mu in the station 。

Any one know howw to do this ??

i have a probem that i cannot understand  is that  if I create mu directly in the station  how I should set user-defined attribute.

can you give mu some advice ,thank you  very much!


Re: help!!! Real Time simulation system

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Siemens Phenom



You can create MUs using SimTalk, of course you can also set (and also create) attributes.

Here's an example code:

var obj  : object

obj := .MUs.Entity.create (SingleProc)
obj.CreateAttr ("Order_ID", "string")
obj.Name := "Part_Type_1"
obj.Order_ID := "order_255"
Regards, Vladimir.