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how to fill 6 items on 1 machine?

Good evening everyone,


I need to know how to model such an action:


I need to obtain a result, that 6 parts are being filled at the same time. 

Is it possible to get it at my station "zakrecanie_labelling"? 


Thanks in advance for response, I attach my model as well.


Re: how to fill 6 items on 1 machine?

Do you mean fill 6 mascara_cap Mus into mascara_SA container or what ?

If so, increase the mascara_SA capacity from 2 x 2 x 1 to 3 x 2 x 1

and change the assembly list number from 1 to 6

Re: how to fill 6 items on 1 machine?



thanks for a response, to precise, my aim is to fill 6 items (mascara_SA) at a time at station "nalewanie" and then, assembly them, also 6 items at station "zakrecanie_labelling" adding caps from Source_capy.


Hope it clarifies now, I still don't know how to do this.


Thanks for any help. Smiley Happy

Re: how to fill 6 items on 1 machine?

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this would not work in your model on one assembly station, as you only can have one main object at a time on an assembly station. I see "mascara_SA" is your main object here to which you want to add the item mascara_cap. You could first assemle "mascara_SA" and pack 6 of these on one container afterwards. In a next step you then attach on a succeeding assembly station 6 items "mascara_cap" to that container holding 6 "mascara_SA". I think this gets close to what you described, or did I miss something out?

Another point in your model is that it takes quite a while to reset after a simulation run. This is likely due to both of the dismantle stations "rozladowanie_palety" and "nalej_FI". I attached an object which you might use instead which speeds up the reset. In this object you first have to specify in the processing station how much time your dismantling process takes. Other than that you have to specify in the exit control of the processing station how many items and of which kind you get after processing. This should mimic the behavior of your dismantling process.

Kind regards,

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