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integration and connection of models

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Consider that we have three models which one of them is consist of two other, such as a factory which consist of two production line and we have different models for different line and one overall model of factory.

Is it possible to connect or integrate these models file to each other in a way that if we modify one of the line’s model, the factory (overall) model also be updated automatically?

I tried to export model as an object and Import it as a frame in the overall model, but it is not automatically and every time some changes happened, these export and import procedure should be done.


Thank you in advance.


Re: integration and connection of models

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor
to make experiments, the complete model have to run under the same EventController (only one file).
You can use the update mechanism of the libraries to update the main model (one shared library folder, each submodel developed as a library --> import the library from this folder, if the library changes (changed version of the library), you will get automatically a notification and can update the main model very easily

see help: libraries directories
Steffen Bangsow
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Re: integration and connection of models



Maybe you mean derive? You can right click a frame  or a line  and  derive it   ,then in the same model , creat a new floder or  frame.Maybe  it  will be derived.