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modify entries values with pack and go files


Hello every one


I would like to have the possibility to modify some data in one model which was convert to Pack and Go (exe file)

Is it possible to use dialog object and give right to user of the exe file to modify data or do I have other objects ?

I know readexcelfile is not working for pack and go so what are the possibilities ?

Thanks for your support.


Happy new year to all people in this forum.

Best regards,



Re: modify entries values with pack and go files

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Hello Christelle,

the Pack&Go models (*.exe) always use the Viewer license when opened. There is no possibility to set another license. There is also no possibility to extract the model from the Pack&Go.

This limits these models to run and use some preset, standard evaluation tools. There is not much way of changing values and/or run experiments with different settings, except to execute code like "endSim" that is triggered by the simulation run itself, and that is changing values.

You can use Buttons and DropDownLists and Checkboxes though. In 13.1 these are available in 3D too, in older versions you have to use a UserDialog and include these elements.