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moving MUs from the store in assembly and dismantle station

I have a doubt on how to move a MU, called "telaio_12", onto an assembly station and then into a dismantle station.
The model is working, as you can see in the image attached, like this;
When the model start to simulate 400 pcs of telaio_12 are stored in the "Magazino_telai" (1).
Assembly station must pick one MU of "telaio_12" from the "Magazzino_telai" (highlighted 2) that is the same of position 1.
Then dismantle station must place the "telaio_12" in highlight 3 that is the same as position 1.
What i didn't understand is how to link the "Magazino_telai" of position 1 to be shared with the other 2 frames.
Thanks for any help.


Re: moving MUs from the store in assembly and dismantle station

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
As far as I understand you do have one physical store for all your containers. But you modeled three of them independently. Instead of 2 and 3 you just should have the assemby/dismantle station connected to an interface inside Legature/Slegatua. That way you´re able to connect Magazzino_telai (1) with these connectors. Anyway you will have to consider the fact a store never sends parts, it only receves parts (automatically). Parts located in a store you need to move by method (a kind of a simple WMS warehouse management system is required). To keep it simple you should try to start with a buffer instead of a store.


Always consider using the AttributeExplorer!

Re: moving MUs from the store in assembly and dismantle station

Exactly Eventdebugger, i've one physical store in which i want to store the whole MUs "telaio_12".

I've tried with buffer but it is the same problem; when "telaio_12" are dismantled they are coming back to the assembly station to be assembled again.

That's why i need just one store; it initialize the right amount of MU and then they starts to enter in the process back and forth.

I've thought about using a method but i didn't understand how to connect to assembly or dismantle station.

I hope i'm clear enough to make understandable about the model.

Thanks in advance.