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multidesigner of plant simulation



      I meet a question. I am using the plant simulation to designer a plant for my customer.but the plant model is too large, if I designer it myself, it may take 3month. It is unacceptable. do you know how to design the plant by multidesigner at the sametime? thank you!


Re: multidesigner of plant simulation

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom


If I understood correctly, you want to implement a teamwork to create a model. Plant Simulation does not directly support simultaneous work of several engineers on the same model.


However you can split the whole model to pieces and spread the work tou your team - so that everyone implements his own part in a separate model. Then you can merge models together - it's possible to export/import separate objects.


It's also possible to automate this process by using libraries. You can divide model to parts and implement each part as a library, developed separately, and used in a "main" model. This way you can automatically track changes.

Regards, Vladimir.