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needs help with Kanban / VSM



I am new to tecnomatix plm. I am trying to make a simple vsm. 

there seems to be some inconsistency that does not allow for the event controller to run..


It gives an error like "... object is not a valid successor/predecessor of another object..." 


could someone look into it and recommenend how do i fix this. 



Re: needs help with Kanban / VSM

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Please check in the documentation the modelling rules.

It is not allowed to connect 2 processes directly - there must be an inventory or transport of any kind in between. 

Furthermore, the shipment is not connected.

After an inventory the process QC must have a info connection to PPS.

And the customer order must have an interval. If you produce in lotsizes of 1, maybe the parts per order of 4000 should be somewhat smaller? Also check your times: your external transports take forever for 1(!) part. You might also change your lot sizes for the transportation.

Find attached your model with the updated VSM library.