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problem on duplication/derive pickandplace object




I would like to know if you have noticed a problem on a derive/duplicate frame with pickandplace object which has capacity more than 1.

I created a frame with 2 pickandPlace objects first capacity =1 and 2nd one capacity=4.

when I tested this frame no problem the second P&P object takes 4 parts in same time.


When I duplicated this frame or if I drad and drop this frame in another frame the 2nd P&P object takes only one product. To have this P&P object taking 4 parts I have to enable inherit on capacity (=1) run the duplicate (or the derive) then reset the model and change again the capacity to 4 and then this object takes 4 products. if I check inherit (green square and apply) the object takes 4 parts. I joined the spp file with the frame ans P&P objects.

The "mother" frame is Housing then you can find Housing_duplicate (a duplicate of Housing frame) and mainframe where I drag and drop Housing frame. You can see the 2nd P&P takes only one part. Housing_d_ok is a derivee of Housing where I change manually the capacity to 1 then run then reset then change manually capacity to 4 and it's ok. this problem was seen in version 12.0 and 12.2 versions of Plant Simulation.

Please inform me if you have same problem before doing a GTAC problem report.


Best regards



Re: problem on duplication/derive pickandplace object

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Christelle,


There is a bug when a pickandplace with capacity > 1 is copied or derived. We will fix the bug in the next maintenance release.


Kind regards



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