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proctime virtual commisioning



    I have some question about the singleproc  proctime  virtual commisioning. As we know , in real world, the proctime of singleproc isn't constant,it depend on many things.I am testing a plant simulation project connect to a PLC. there is a boolean variable "T1" in PLC  program. and there is a singleproc "G1" in the plant project,too. I want to do that:

   1. after mu enter "G1",the G1 will not work immediately ,until the PLC variable "T1" =true ,the G1 start to work.

   2.I will not set a proctime for G1.After G1 start to work,when T1=false, the mu on G1 is finished,and out of the G1,without regard to the proctime.

    as a word, when T1=true ,G1 work, when T1=false ,G1 finish working,without regard to the proctime.

    how to solve the problem? I have known how to connect plc and plant simulation.but I dont know how to set the parameter and write simtalk script to solve the problem.


Re: proctime virtual commisioning

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Regarding 2: you can set a very long proctime (e.g. 365 days) and use the command outIn(0) the finish the processing and generate the Out-event for the MU. Here is an example code, used for an observer of T1:

param attribute: string, oldValue: any

if T1 AND SingleProc.occupied then

Regarding 1: several solutions are possible, but I think this is the easiest one. Assuming that you have a buffer in front of G1, you can set an Exit-control  for the buffer with a waitunil-statement for the start-signal. When it becomes true, the MU is moved to the SingleProc.


See the attached example model.


Gert Nomden
Digital Factory Consultant

Re: proctime virtual commisioning


dear nomden,

thank you for your reply. your solution is what I need. thank you very much.