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"Move Freely Within Area" --> Worker Collission

Hi Forum


I was playing around with the "Move Freely Within Area" setting and saw that a worker can even navigate a maze to get to the correct area (see attached FYI). The only problem I am facing is that workers can occupy the same space at the same time.


Is it possible to set-up the workers so that they cannot travel through each-other? Some sort of collission control like in the Transporters and Portal Crane.





Re: "Move Freely Within Area" --> Worker Collission

You cannot solve this problem. (At least there is no easy way).

This is basically only an animation problem. In reality two workers will always find a way to pass each other. So it seems to me that there is just no need to detect such a "collision".

Re: "Move Freely Within Area" --> Worker Collission

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By the way: You can even model a 3D-dimensional "maze". You can insert ramps, bridges, stairs or ladders into you model and place footpaths alongside these objects. The worker will then climb those stairs (and other objects) and find the shortest path to the destination, even if the projection of the path to the XY plane has intersections.