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"watching" a set of table values for trigger




Is it possible to somehow observe the values of a column of a table column with a timestamp such that when any row of that column equals the value of EventController.AbsSimTime or simply SimTime, a method could be triggered for further processing.


As for the table itself, it will be created in the initalization phase of the model based on input parameters of the user and remain static for the duration of the simulation.


I guess this could be done by looping around the table and generating a series of ref.Methcalls but I'm wondering if there is a more sophisticated solution to this?


Re: "watching" a set of table values for trigger

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom


the object TableFile has an attribute changed, which is watchable.

In the attached model for Plant Simulation 12.0 please start the method ObserveTable.

Now you change a cell of the Tablefile by the method MakeAChange.

You will see that ObserveTable wakes up.