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ramp down energy



i'm doing some simulations and observing the results of the energy analyser i can't see the  rampdown energy when the machines go in the standby state. i put the time of the ramp down equal to 60 seconds and i know that if the machine goes in the standby state the the ramp down energy is equal to the operational energy. 

but when the machines go in the pause state i see the increase of the operational  energy in the energy analyser. why i cannot see both?

thanks for your help Smiley Happy


Re: ramp down energy

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Valeria,

during the time of the ramp down or up, resp. (transition time)

the power input is the greater value of the power input at the start and at the end of the transition time.


Re: ramp down energy


when a machine finishes to work I've a method that decides if it has to go in standby state or pause.I decided to start the pause stase as standby state and to finish it as standby state. But when i read the energy analyser during the simulation I can see that the operational energy increases when a machine starts the pause state but not when the machine start the standby state. Anyway since the machines go to the standby or pause state from the operational state I can't understand why with the pause there is an increasing of operational energy and with the standby no.


Thank you!