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rear control

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Valued Contributor

微信图片_20180604223935.jpgas picture,I do not understand well,In My object I want  the Exit method will be executed after the MU leave, I use  rear control,but it doesnot work,  can anyone explain  how to use rear control ,thank you very much


Betreff: rear control


like this



Betreff: rear control

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Valued Contributor


dear simulator
I do not mean what you say,    as below picture singleProc1  select rear control  and control method

 waituntil s.empty
print "a"  

but  When s is empty it singleProc1 exit method was not be executed,I do not why? thank you ! (I guess that if I use rear control ,I must connect the successor object with Connector, yes or not  ,and  why? )

Betreff: rear control

Correct, the rear exit control will only be triggered by the "back" of Mu.

This implies, that the mu is already on the move to the next object.

Betreff: rear control

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just as @simulator stated it, with a rear exit control the method to be called will only be triggered once the object is leaving the station. For that you need to have a connector to the subsequent station or an external method triggering the MU to move. A front exit control will on the other hand be executed once your MU is ready to leave the station. So in your example your exit control would work as a front exit control given your model setup.

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