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statWaitingTimePerPredecessor and EventController.startStat


Hello everyone,


I've discovered an issue with how Plant Simulation is logging statWaitingTimePerPredecessor related to the start of statistics collection.


In the model, there are 4 setups of three predecessors to an assembly station. The predecessors have different processing times. I log the waiting times for each predecessor and the waiting time for each assembly in EndSim.


When i run it with a startstat of 1:00:00, the waiting time of the station and the predecessors differ by about 1:00:01. Then I tried changing the startStat (I've added it as a dropdownlist in the model) to 59:59 and 1:00:01. For 59:59 I also get a mismatch between predecessors waiting time and station waiting time, but 1:00:01 gives me the same results for parts and station.


It seems like Plant Simulation is logging the WaitingTimePerPredecessor when the MU arrives at the assembly without regards to if in fact the InitStat has occurred during that waiting time.


Most of my MUs had moved already when 1:00:01 had passed, giving the correct results.


Am I on the right track with my conclusion? Has anyone else experience this?


Re: statWaitingTimePerPredecessor and EventController.startStat


Has anyone else noticed this?

Re: statWaitingTimePerPredecessor and EventController.startStat

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Verbalins,


you are right, for statWaitingTimePerPredecessor the InitStat value is not considered.

We will fix this in the next maintenance pack for the version 14.


Kind regards



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Re: statWaitingTimePerPredecessor and EventController.startStat


Thank you very much Karola!