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two-way conveyor with a condition


Hello everyone,

I need your help with please.

So my model must have the following conditions:

1- A product can be processed by only one station, so that when a product arrives at the conveyor A and that in the station 1 there is already another product, he passes his way and goes to the station 2.

2-And when a product has been processed by station 1 it must not be processed by station 2.

3-If it is possible to model the conveyor that brings the product to the stations, as being two-way conveyors.


I really do not know how to make a condition like this with the Method function, your help will be very useful to me.


Thank you very much for your time.


You will find attached my model.


Re: two-way conveyor with a condition

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To answer question three first: Conveyors are one way only. Using two conveyors going in different direction is, as far as i know, the recommended way to do it. Personally I also think it makes it easier to follow th. flow of materials this way.


As to your model, here's what I did:

  • Added a boolean attribute called "Processed" on all containers. The default value is false.
  • Added an exit control to the machines that set the attribute "Processed" to true.
  • Added exit controls to conveyors A, B and C that check if the next machine is available and if the container has been processed (i.e. looking at the attribute "Processed").
    • If machine is empty and container not processed send it to the machine.
    • If the machine is occupied or the container is already processed, send it to the next conveyor.

Re: two-way conveyor with a condition



If a mu goes to station 1.. 3, lock the conveyor1 (entrance)  leading to the station(s).


When the processed mu leaves the  conveyor2 back to the main conveyor 


unlock conveyor1 entrance.



Create a user defined variable as flag to mark the MU as already processed.


At the conveyor junctions you then decide whether to process or not.



The easiest way in your case is probably to  set the 2 conveyors over each other



Re: two-way conveyor with a condition


Thank you very much, that's exactly what I wanted.

Thank you.

Re: two-way conveyor with a condition


Thank you for your answer