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Re: verschiedene Bearbeitungszeiten auf einem Objekt

Solution Partner Phenom Solution Partner Phenom
Solution Partner Phenom

Hi Temta,


My last consideration regarding your case. You need to account for the criticality of this process first: if it is a (temporary) bottleneck it makes sense to model it in a lot of detail, otherwise a simpeler version is enough.


If you 1) use the Line object (Foerderstrecke) and 2) you can mix products in the oven and 3) you can adapt the speed every moment, then you can use the following code in an entrance and exit control:

	z: real;
	MUs: table;

The code assumes that each MU has a user-defined attribute that defines how long the product needs to stay in the oven.


Good luck!

Gert Nomden
Digital Factory Consultant