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what is the "blocked" reason of the mahcine(m5)?





I create a little complex mode in the attachment.There is one "container" circulation system in it,Also ,including several assemble machines and "DismantleStation" machines. 

Firstly, I set "processing time " of the "m5" is less than that of "m2" and"m4", the model runs smoothly.

Secondly,I change " "processing time " of the "m5" is nearly or more than that of "m2" and"m4".,the model ran in a strang manner before it  blocked:when the eventcontroller time is about 20:00:00, the part cannot move out from "m4" while "m2" runs OK .after for less than 30minutes, the model stops. How to solve it.As is shown in the following pictrue .


What's more,there is "blocked" in the "m5" machinein both 2 conditions above,which is about 6%. I wonder why the " blocked"  happens and how to reduce or avoid it.


Please help me,Thanks a lot!





Re: what is the "blocked" reason of the mahcine(m5)?


you are unloading the pallets from m5 to line2.

To unload the pallet onto line2 you need a free place on line2

This place will be provided from line2 as soon as the predecessor pallet has moved

away from 1. place to 2. place.

As the track velocity is 1 m/s this takes time

and causes the blockage

Re: what is the "blocked" reason of the mahcine(m5)?




Thank you!

To reduce or avoid the "blocked",  I use placebuffer with processing time at "0" ,or a line with a high speed  for making vacant space.

Now,I have another problem:it's very difficult to determin the proper number of the pallets of "Source3"to come into model,especially when the model processing time changes. I want to make an experimentmanager to sovle this question ,but I have no idea.Hope you can give me some advice.

Give my best regards to you!