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Agenda of the 2016 Plant Simulation Worldwide User Conference

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

The latest agenda of the Plant Simulation user conference is available now. (Attached)


Regarding the sessions on Wednesday: We mean business with the word “Workshop.” Everybody is expected to have his laptop with Plant Simulation installed and a license. We have prepared 200 seats with power for all to follow the hands-on training. (We armed 6* 16 ampere fuses * 230 Volt in 4 rooms = more than 80kW so everybody can really work).


Assignments for the production plant visits and the groups for Kaercher and Audi will be sent out shortly.


A conference App has been build; you’ll be invited to join during the next days. The App provides further updated information e.g. short description of the presentations and the presenters. As we have two parallel sessions on Tuesday and 4 parallel tracks on Wednesday the App will allow you to create your personal schedule, relaxed in your home office and get the rooms offered by the App during the conference. This will help you to avoid missing an interesting presentation in the hectic of the event. The App will help me to move the presentations with the highest number of registrations in the biggest rooms - so please select the sessions you’d like to join as early as possible. Excited greetings to meet you all at the User Conference Matthias Heinicke