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Conference Attendees Enjoyed Production Facilities Tours in Stuttgart, Germany.

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On Tuesday, June 20th, a large group of Siemens Plant Simulation Worldwide User Conference attendees had the pleasure of touring Robert Bosch GmbH main production facilities in Stuttgart Feuerbach.  During the factory tour the guides covering the following topics: The CP4 manufacturing (Common Rail high pressure diesel injection pump working with up to 2700bar, up to 10 injections with 100µs time difference, up to 60000 pressure measurements per minute), CP4 case manufacturing line, CP4 assembly line, Industry 4.0 at Robert Bosch in Feuerbach , Online spindle monitoring, Energy monitoring, Heat-treating department, and the Diesel Museum. Factory tour at Robert Bosch GmbHFactory tour at Robert Bosch GmbH

Another group of Plant Simulation Conference attendees toured the production facility at Porsche AG in Stuttgart Feuerbach.  The factory tour covered topics including Porsche production, main assembly line, and upholstery and engine construction.Tour of production facilities at Porsche AGTour of production facilities at Porsche AG